Mar 02, 2021

Inspiring Women in Business Podcast - Episode 1 - Career or a business? What's right for you?


In this episode, I talk about the beginning questions that you have to ask yourself when you are deciding what path to take in your career.

So ask yourself questions to help you decide if you will be working full-time, as a...

Dec 14, 2020

9 surprising benefits of 2020

You might be thinking that you want to forget all about 2020, but I think you might find this process helpful and cathartic.

Stay with me on this!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want from 2021. I’ve been spending a lot...

Dec 07, 2020

Release yourself from overwhelm with these four simple steps

The other day I was feeling completely swamped, overwhelmed and stressed. I’d woken up with this impending sense of dread and overwhelm. Overwhelm is something I used to suffer with frequently. Now I can thankfully say I have...