Hi, I'm Ruth

a business coach specialising in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with.

I've helped hundreds of self-employed women achieve the time and money freedom they craved.

For 20 years, I worked in management roles in TV. I was a natural sales and people manager, and I loved it until I started my family.

Back in 2012, when I was a new Mum of twins on maternity leave in a recession, I dedicated myself to researching jobs that could be done from home and around my family. I was shocked at the lack of jobs and couldn't see any opportunities that were right for me.  I remember that low point when someone suggested a job in Sainsbury's. Yes, it was flexible work, but I wasn’t ready to let go of the challenging, fulfilling work I had enjoyed before maternity leave.

I'd been a senior operations manager managing large teams and big budgets. I had 20 years of experience running projects and growing businesses, working in accounts, sales, project management, marketing, customer service, and managing teams. However, in my hunt for flexible work, I disregarded all of this. I worried my skills were irrelevant or out of date, as a new mum, I’d lost my confidence. I certainly didn’t see myself as a business owner. I thought this was what other people did.

After years of searching, I decided to invest in myself and anything and everything to do with digital marketing. I loved how this area of expertise built on my existing business experience and marketing knowledge while bringing my skills up to date. I've completed countless courses and learnt from some of the best in the industry from social media management, digital marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, content design, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing and funnel building.

However, I defined myself as the last course I did and always felt I needed to work harder to succeed. I always thought, ‘I need "one more course" before I take action’. And even though I embrace lifelong learning, I hadn't done vital work on working out what I wanted, as I'd never permitted myself to have the business I wanted. I had no idea what mindset, imposter syndrome or limiting beliefs meant as it had been 20 years since I'd challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone.

It was in 2017 when I was finally starting to listen to that voice telling me I wasn't doing what I loved and wasn't fulfilling my true potential. It took a critical illness to give me that wake-up call.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and underwent year-long cancer treatment. I had 8 rounds of chemo, 15 rounds of radiotherapy, a mastectomy, and several close call hospitalisations due to complications.  Initially, I thought my career and hopes of a business were over. However the opposite happened, I got more clarity than ever before. I felt brave, resilient, and confident because for the first time I got help and support.

I had a lightbulb moment - I did not need to give up on my own business dreams. I could do this by helping others achieve their result! After my intensive cancer treatment finished I embarked on a coaching Diploma in Transformational Coaching and received coaching myself to get the clarity and focus I needed to start building the business I wanted and help other women do the same. All of a sudden, I saw possibilities and opportunities. I got the focus, clarity and confidence to believe what was possible.

My business is now growing...

I have a growing team, and I am earning over seven times what I did in 2015, and I have growth strategies to build on its success. In January 2021, I earned more in one month than I did in the entire year of 2016.

I can help you bust through institutionalised ways of thinking so you’re not trapped working more and more hours for not enough money. I also help you design a business you love and can grow without working more hours. My objective is to remove the blocks that hold you back, so you can expand your thinking and give yourself both the self-belief and the desire to create a profitable online business that you are proud of and love doing.

I walk the walk as well as talk the talk! I've been in the trenches doing the work. I have multiple revenue streams for my business now. From large consultancy contracts with charities and organisations (Media Smart, The Gestalt Centre and Content Design London, to name a few). My own membership, courses, 1-2-1 coaching and revenue from blogging and affiliate marketing. I deliver practical business and marketing support. I also offer structure, accountability, personalised coaching and mindset support. My biggest passion is to help women understand their true potential and build a business that reflects who they are and the life they want to live.

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