Hi, I'm Ruth

I empower freelancers and business owners to take control of their business, marketing and mindset so they can choose who they work with, the work they do, and how much they get paid to do it. Unlike other marketing coaches, I don't show you one way, I help you find your way.

  • Do you feel stuck about what business or niche is right for you?

  • Do you feel trapped by the number of hours you work and you've stopped enjoying what you're doing?

  • I was an overworked people pleaser, undervaluing my worth, and doing stuff for free.

  • And now I do work that I love, with clients I CHOOSE to work with, and I get paid well to do it.

Sound like a transformation you need?

But first, how much of this sounds familiar to you?  

For 20 years I worked in management roles in TV. I was a natural sales and people manager, and I loved it. Until I didn’t anymore, for this reason, and in 2015 I retrained in digital marketing and set up my own business.

But it didn’t feel like a business.

It felt like a job. 

I had become institutionalised to work for companies or clients.

And I’d unwittingly slipped into creating a day job where I contracted for other people. 


I filled my week quickly with client work, and yet my paycheck never really seemed to grow in comparison to the amount of work I was delivering.

  • Building email lists
  • Running Facebook Ads
  • Creating content for my clients
  • Working on multiple web projects
  • Converting sales and building pipelines
  • Delivering business growth strategies
  • Managing 15 social media channels
  • Managing remote teams on marketing projects
  • Delivering digital marketing strategies that smashed my client's KPI's 

I'd also fallen into an accidental niche of selling and marketing online courses. I was helping businesses develop memberships and online courses for themselves.

I ended up burning out and became critically ill, I knew something had to change.

I realised I was helping other businesses scale and get success. I was limiting my potential by not doing this for my own business. Why on earth am I not applying my experience and capabilities to my business and filling my own pockets? I was thinking small and limiting myself by believing working more hours and increasing my rates was the way to being successful. The phrase "work smarter, not harder" kept popping into my mind. 

Surely there had to be another way? 

I had become trapped in the cycle of over-delivering for my clients and not focusing on my own business growth. I'd discarded business ideas to grow or change my own business.


I decided to practice what I am preaching here.

I tested the theory out and began treating my own business as a client.

I had a lightbulb moment - I did not need to give up on my own business dreams, I could do this alongside helping others achieve theirs

The result? My business is now growing, and I am earning over seven times what I did in 2015 and I have growth strategies in place to build on its success.

I now help others bust their institutionalised way of thinking, so they’re no longer trapped needing to work more and more hours for not enough money. I also help them design a business they love and can scale without working more hours.

My objective is to remove the blocks that hold you back, so you can expand your thinking and give you both the self-belief and desire to create a profitable online business that you are proud of and love doing.

With my coaching, we can get clear on what you want and I also want to show you the secret recipe for all successful businesses, which is clear well-thought-through strategic marketing. 

I will give you the confidence, tools, and techniques to enable you to deliver effective marketing. This will generate leads in your target demographic and result in increased sales and profit.

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