Inspiring Women in Business Podcast - Episode 13 - Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction With Sandy Forster

podcast Aug 09, 2021

Divorced, single mum, and buried in hundreds of thousands in debt, how do you turn that around? Is there still hope?

In this episode, I chat with Sandy Forster all the way from sunny Queensland in Australia! Sandy shares her journey from being all of the above to becoming a wildly wealthy woman who is now coaching others to be equally wealthy women.



I don’t know where you are in your life right now, but it is no accident that you came across this episode. Listen up, and maybe, just maybe, this is the breakthrough message you’ve been waiting for.


Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Get rid of the negative thinking altogether and just focus on what you truly want. Do not just be hopeful. Dream big.

  • You have to take action. When you align body, mind, and spirit, when you align your thoughts, emotions, and actions, that's when the magic can happen.

  • When you step away and allow yourself to be in the creative space, which is the feminine space, you begin to attract. Doing is all about going out thereafter, whereas being is all about attracting to you.

  • When you focus on something, it’s like telling your brain it is important to me. Show me more of this.

  • If you focus on the things you genuinely love, you want to create or bring into your world, you’ll find people, opportunities, circumstances, connections, and all the things you need to create, manifest, and attract.

  • When you get clear on your goals, find people that have already done it, and follow their lead. It saves you time, energy, and money because you don't end up making all the mistakes that they made.

  • Any action is a good action because it will either produce the result you want or not. If it does, keep doing more. If it doesn't stop it, do something else.

  • Take action and be consistent.

  • Make sure that you're doing something that you truly want to do. And you'll find that that will keep you going when things do get rough.

  • It's not really about the end destination is it's about actually enjoying where you are now, and it makes the goals you're moving towards worth it.


Episode Timeline:

00:00 Episode and Guest Intro

00:40 Intro

02:13 About Sandy and what she does

03:36 Sandy’s amazing story

09:47 Becoming a coach

11:30 Why women struggle with success

14:33 A break from being busy

17:35 Memos of affirmation

21:22 First step to positive psychology

28:06 Sandy’s final advice

32:49 Outro

About my guest:

Sandy Forster is an international millionaire mindset speaker and mentor. She's worked with people like Denise Duffield Thomas. She's the best-selling author and multi-award-winning business owner, and She's the author of the international bestseller, How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast.

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Hi, Im Ruth, a business coach specializing in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with. Ive helped hundreds of self-employed women achieve the time and money freedom they craved.

Ive started this podcast because when I first went all in and left the corporate world to be a freelancer, I was grateful for any work that came my way. After over 20 years of freelancing and working for other people, I started to realize Id created a glass ceiling for myself.

In 2017, I finally started listening to that voice that had been telling me for a long time that I wasnt doing what I loved and fulfilling my true potential.  It took a critical illness to give me that wake-up call.  I dont want the same to happen to you.

You can expect practical advice, inspiring stories, and a lot of aha moments as we uncover and kick to the curb all the obstacles you have been putting in your way.

Im on a mission to inspire women to start and play bigger in business.


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Ruth Gilbey  00:00

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the inspiring women in business podcast. Now in today's episode, I'm interviewing Sandy Forster, and she's going to be talking all about positive thinking and the law of attraction. Now, Sandy is an international millionaire mindset speaker and mentor. She's worked with people like Denise Duffield Thomas. She's the best-selling author and multi-award-winning business owner, and She's the author of the international bestseller, How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast. I think you're going to love this episode.

Ruth Gilbey  00:40

Hello, and welcome to the inspiring women in business podcast. My name is Ruth Gilbey, and I'm a business and marketing coach. I'm on a mission to inspire women to start and play bigger in business. Now I started this podcast because when I first went all in and left the corporate world to be a freelancer, I was just grateful for any work that came my way. After over 20 years of freelancing and working for other people, I started to realize I'd created a glass ceiling myself. It was in 2017 when I finally started listening to that voice that had been telling me for a long time that I wasn't doing what I loved, and I wasn't fulfilling my true potential. It took a critical illness to give me that wake-up call. And I don't want the same thing to happen to you. You can expect practical advice, interviews, inspiring stories, and a lot of aha moments as we uncover and kick to the curb all the obstacles you've been putting in your way.

Ruth Gilbey  01:44

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the inspiring women in business podcast. I'm absolutely delighted to say today that I am interviewing Sandy Forster all the way from you're in Australia in Queensland, a Sunny Queensland. And Sandy is an author and entrepreneur, and Sandy, could you let the listeners know what you do, who you are, how you help people, and a little more about you.

Sandy Forster  02:13

Sure. So as you said, my name is Sandy Foster, and I work from home. But I have an international business. I reach people in over. I think it's about 105 countries now. And the main thing I love to do is help women rewire their minds around money because I used to be $100,000 in debt myself and welfare. So I turned it all around. And I love nothing more than helping women understand that the reason they don't create the success they want, they don't create the abundance they want. They don't create the money that they want in their life simply because their mind is not wired for it. So I use the law of attraction to help them really. Combined with neuroscience and quantum physics, we combine it all together to create magic so that everyone becomes a marvelous money manifester. So that's my absolute passion. And I also train people around the world to be internationally certified law of attraction coaches. So my passion is working with women because, as I said, I was $100,000 in debt on welfare, and it was a scary place to be, and I turn it all around. I went from welfare to millionaire. So I love showing other women how to do it to love that absolutely.

Ruth Gilbey  03:25

Could you tell everybody a little bit more about your story? So how did you end up with the business that you have today? And could you tell us a little bit about how you turned it all around as well?

Sandy Forster  03:36

Sure, sure. So my whole journey into being an entrepreneur was not planned. I didn't ever think I want to be a business person. But what happened was the aerobic era hit Australia, and you couldn't buy nice leotards, and I had been dabbling making bikinis because I live on the Sunshine Coast right near the beach. So you know I've been dabbling around with some lycra-making bikinis, and people have been saying, well, I like that bikini. Can you make me one, and then suddenly, when the aerobics era hit, you can only buy black leotards with black cap sleeves and black glow legs. And so I thought, well, I'm going to try making some leotards, so I started making leotards and next thing you know, I ended up with a business designing and manufacturing swim and gym wear. I used to go down to the local store and buy all the fabric at the discount store or the like organize like the end of rolls, and I come home, and I had a sewing machine set up in my garage, and I would sell all winter. And then, when summer came around, I would find an empty store down by the beach, and I would sell all my stuff. So it was really kind of just like a hobby business. It was fun. But then what happened was I was doing this. I got married to a boy that I'd actually met in high school. We went out for about 10 or 11 years, got married. I had a six-month-old son and a three-year-old daughter, and we divorce. So suddenly that hobby business which made a bit of money on the side to maybe do some landscaping or buy some furniture or go on a holiday, suddenly, that money had to be my entire income. And it was not enough to live on. And I ended up having to go on welfare. So I was receiving, I don't even know what it would be in pounds, but it was about 15,000 Australian dollars a year. So that's probably, I don't know, 5000 pounds, 6000 pounds, something like that. Not a lot, like, you know, going backward here going backward every day, it was really stressful, really, really not a good place to be. And that that went on for a decade or so. It was not good. But then, one of the things that I did during that time was I came to understand positive thinking. And I like that I like reading about success. I like listening to audio. If there was ever a seminar, I liked you know if there was ever a seminar, I had to drive to Brisbane, which was their Narrow Way, to go to a seminar and listen to someone speaking about positive thinking. So I was really kind of starting down that path. But everything truly changed when I learned about the law of attraction because I reckon the law of attraction is really just taking positive thinking and putting it on steroids, like just taking a quantum leap. Because suddenly, it's not just about thinking positive. It's also about eliminating all the negative thoughts that happen. And for me, I mean, think about $100,000 in debt, I'm on welfare, I've got two young kids, I have no idea what my future is going to hold. I'm stressed to the eyeballs. I'm embarrassed about my situation. I'm completely ashamed, thinking the rest of the world has their whole money situation sorted. And like I'm the only idiot who didn't like it was really not a fun place to be. So when I discovered the law of attraction, suddenly I realized that yes, I'm trying to think positive some of the time about you know, yes, things will turn around one day. But a lot of the time, most of the time, majority of the time, I was stressing about my bills and stressing how I didn't have any money. And thinking about how I was always going to be broke and thinking about, you know, just all the bad stuff. So discovering the law of attraction made me realize that I needed actually just get rid of that negative thinking altogether. And just focus on what I truly wanted, not just be hopeful, not just think positive, but dream really big, like a dream really grand look really like kind of stretch my imagination when it came to my dreams, my goals, and desires. And that's what I did. And you know, the law of attraction for those of you that don't know what it is, if you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard The Secret, and I discovered it well before The Secret came out. But it's all about what you focus on and what you think about. Talk about where you put your energy is what you then attract into your life. So for me being $100,000 in debt on welfare, yes, if I was thinking about that, that was a stressful place to be. So think of the opposite of that. Instead, focusing on and dreaming about and thinking about having a life that mean I could do the things that I wanted to do, dreaming about being a millionaire, and being able to travel when I wanted to and be able to have my own home and no one could put up the rent knock and say no, you can't put a picture on that wall or no, you can't paint that and you know, just being able to live there and know it was online and being able to have a car that didn't look so bad that a plant was growing out of the backseat, like just you know and little things like being able to buy flowers and just dreaming of all the wonderful things that my life would be like that made me feel so amazingly happy that I absolutely dived into that way of thinking and I think for me what happened was because I wasn't such a bad place and and really applying the law of attraction and doing it a lot it really catapulted me forward and allowed me to completely turn my life around and and you know, I've got story after story after story of amazing things that happened for me in my business and you know, a completely new business. I did not continue with the gym and swimwear. But, you know, I trained to become a coach, I had to borrow $3,000 to do it. And if that was saved like a fortune at the time, I borrowed the money to go through my coach training. And I felt completely sick to the stomach about actually coaching people because I was, you know, really shy and introverted. I'm still very much an introvert and still quite shy, even though you can't tell in a podcast.

Sandy Forster  09:47

But, you know, the idea of coaching people just terrified me. I actually felt like I was going to throw out when I had to pick up the phone and talk to people. But you know, I persisted, and I learned everything I could about marketing and building a business. And you know, I just especially about the law of attraction, I used all of that in my coaching sessions, and my coaching business just grew. And then, I started creating online courses and programs. And I started, you know, adding things to my business and had a website. And, and really, you know, I used, as I said, the law of attraction in my business on a daily basis, not just coaching clients, but also to grow the business to, you know, spend time dreaming about how the business would be and what the business would allow me to do. And yeah, that'll work. And I've been able to manifest some amazing things like manifest millions of dollars in a year, and just completely out of the blue, things have happened. Because I use the law of attraction consistently, I use it constantly. And I love it so much that, as I said, that's my passion now, helping other women to do the same.

Ruth Gilbey  10:54

That really resonates with me. And when it's been a massive shift for me, in my own business, when I started to think positively, and when I started to step towards what I wanted, things started to change. But when I can't articulate what you've just articulated it so brilliantly, but when people say to me, what changed here, right? I just started going towards what I wanted and stop saying I couldn't do things anymore. The question I have for you is, why do you think women struggle with this struggle with, you know, getting success and getting what they actually want?

Sandy Forster  11:30

You know, I think it all comes down to kind of evolution, you know, we were given the bad end of the deal, I think so, back in caveman days, our whole purpose was to kind of build community and keep the community together and nurture the children and, and the men are the ones that went out and killed the woolly mammoth, and, you know, bought home the food and bought him the furs, and you know, did all the hard stuff. And we were just there kind of keeping everyone together. And one of the things that we did was to make sure that we were always part of the clan, part of the tribe, part of the community. So we never did anything to step out of that, never did anything to stand out, never did anything to ruffle anyone's feathers. Because if we did that, that could mean ostracized, being ostracized, being rejected, and that would mean certain death. So we're still hardwired for that, we're still hardwired to kind of go with the flow and, and don't become what we call an Australian, not sure if you call it over there, but don't become the tall puppy, like, Don't stand out from the crowd. Because if you're the tall puppy, someone will chop your head off. So, and pretty much women have very much of that ilk. And so we've got to understand that doing all the doing, which is what you need to do to create a successful business, is not just all about the mindset. You've got to combine the two. But doing all the doing is something that we're not wired for. Yes, we can do it. But if all we do with the door we're doing, and we're not getting our mindset in the right place, what happens is we burn out, we get overwhelmed, we get frustrated, we just can't cope. And then we don't use mindset techniques at all. And we just continue to feel like we're this hamster on a wheel running around and around, around and getting nowhere. So we have to as women, we must combine the two we must. And I always teach my students it's not even just about mindset and practical action. It's about aligning body, mind, and spirit. So body-mind, spirit, it's all about the mind is how you think thinking about what it is you desire, thinking about those dreams and those goals. And then the spirit is the emotions of how you feel, imagining it's already happened. Being at one with what it is you desire, already energetically aligning with it. And then the body is taking action. Because too many people that have learned the law of attraction think they can sit around and on until the money drops into their lap. But it's not going to happen. You have to take action as well. And when you align body, mind, and spirit, when you align your thoughts and your emotions and your actions, that's when the magic can happen. And you know, that's what I like to teach. And so you've got to align body mind spirit.

Ruth Gilbey  14:15

So it's like a balancing act, isn't it getting those different things? Because I think one of the things that we can end up doing is framing women as being too busy in our businesses can't wait that we can't see how to grow it. Or we don't have time to do the kind of dreaming big because we're not we're so busy in it. 

Sandy Forster  14:33

busy, busy, busy doing doing doing, and when you're in that space, you're not in the space of creation, you're not in the space of attracting, so it's like you've just got to stop for a moment and understand that if you can just and sometimes women think well I can't stop because if I stopped then everything's going to I'm not going to create the success, but it's like Hang on a minute, just stop for a moment. Take a step back, put aside even just half an hour, just half an hour. And instead of doing doing doing, put aside half an hour, close your eyes and think about your business, not even your business. But just think about your situation, your life as being exactly the way you want it to be doing the things you want to do going the places you want to go, having the things you want to have, you know, really just enjoying life, loving life and having all the things that make your heart sing. And when you spend time in that what will happen is, your creative mind will go to work, and you will start to come up with ideas, and you will start to see opportunities, and you will start to come up with solutions that would never have been available to you otherwise, because you're so caught up in the doing and you're completely shut off that creative mind. But when you step away and allow yourself to be in that creative space, which is the feminine space, when you allow yourself to get into that space, then you begin to attract to you because doing is all about going out thereafter, whereas being is all about attracting to you. And that's the magic of being a woman we can attract. So I mean, you know, obviously men can use the law of attraction and attract as well. But we are made to attract. We are made to bring things to us. So we want to use that power. We want to use that magic in our life.

Ruth Gilbey  16:17

So when your business was suddenly growing as well, how did you allow yourself to still have that space to step back and get that creative space and, and you know, allow yourself to attract what practical things to do?

Sandy Forster  16:31

Well, the thing is, I then just do them, then I live this stuff as it brings me joy. So it's like someone who was very overweight. And then they learned about eating right and learned about exercising. And then they brought that into their life. But if they really enjoy it, they're going to continue to do that they're not suddenly going to as soon as they lose weight, they're going to go out and eat a packet of chocolate biscuits and you know, cake for lunch and sit around on the couch all day, it becomes part of who they are. And I think for me, that's what's happened. I love the law of attraction. I love neuroscience. I love the whole thing about rewiring the brain. I love all of that stuff so much that it's now my business. So, I mean, that's what I do on a day-to-day basis. So I still love to do all those processes. So one of the things that I really encourage people to do, which I do all the time, I have an iPhone, and on my, iPhone is what's called the memos voice memos. Yeah, something, something like that.

Ruth Gilbey  17:31

Yeah. Voice notes or voice memos. Yeah. Yeah,

Sandy Forster  17:35

yeah. So I've literally actually this week. I just started pruning them down because I've caught about 120 different voice memos. But these are little affirmations. I've created myself for myself, or declarations, or mini-guided visualizations. And so what I do every single day, I love walking the dog at the beach. So it takes me about 10 minutes to drive there. So on the way, I listen to and repeat, you know, affirmations or visualization or whatever I do, on the way to the beach, when I get to the beach, the same thing we walk for about an hour. And again, I'm listening and repeating and feeding my brain with what is really important to me. Because when it comes to your brain, we have something kind of at the base between the sort of the spine, where you're your head kind of meets your neck, I think or the reticular activating system, and it filters in and out the things that are important to you because think about it, if you have to take in every single solitary bit of information that you see in a day. And I mean, you know, even just someone sitting here now looking at the computer, say you're watching this podcast on video, there's the computer, and there are the screens, and then there are all the colors, and then there's the light, and then there's and then the room you're in and then whatever's in the room and the ceiling. And though the fan this and that, like there are a million different things that we see in the space of a day. And your brain simply couldn't cope if it had actually to take notice and really kind of get everything. So what it does is filters out what's not important. So what is important? Well, the things you put your focus on, you're basically saying to your brain, this is important to me, show me more of this. So if you've got debts and you're focusing like I used to focus on the units and think about your debts and get freaked out about your debts and worry about your debts, then what happens is when you go out into the world, there are lots of abundances there, but there are lots of things that can create debt. And all I used to see were the things that create debt, and all I attract into my life was more things to create debt because my brain was filtering out all the great opportunities and only filtering all the debt and bad money stuff because that's where my focus was. And my brain was taught just to see that. So if you focus on the things you truly love, and you want to create, and you want to bring into your world, then what you'll find is the people and the opportunities and the circumstances and the connections and all the things you need to create and manifest and attract, those things that make your heart sing will start to appear. They're already there, but you're potentially filtering them out. And so, by focusing on what you want, that allows you to actually create it. And it's not. It's not like it's magic. One thing, it's that you're actually just rewiring your brain to see things that are there already. But you're just not saying.

Ruth Gilbey  20:28

So it's interesting because I used to actually think before. I started to think more positively and make these and realize I had more control over what was going on in my life. I see myself as I used to defy, I was horrible to myself, I used to say things to myself, like, you're anxious, you're emotional, you're not, you're never going to be an entrepreneur. And I used to say to myself that I was unlucky, or it was just my fate was defined for me, whatever is going to happen, it's going to happen. And so I remember when I started to learn about things like positive psychology, and I also did a coaching diploma as well. I was like, hang on a minute, what would you say to someone who's feeling like their fate is kind of destined for them, or they feel unlucky? What would be the first if this is new to them, if they're listening to this to this, what would be the first thing that they could actually they could take or little thing they could do,

Sandy Forster  21:22

the first thing I think you should do is get a pen and paper and write down all the things that you would love to have in your life. Like just write it all out from the big to the tiny, like everything, all the things you want to be or the things you want to do, or the things you want to have. Because understand that the universe wants far more for you than you could ever want for yourself. And you can never kind of outdo the universe as to what you could have. And you can never, the universe is never going to look down and go, Oh my gosh, look at your list. How greedy are you? That's like, that's not how it works. Okay, so write a list because if you only have one thing, one goal that you're focusing on, what happens then is you can get a little bit obsessive about that, like, will it happen won't happen will it as like all your energies on that one thing, and plus, then the universe has only got one thing to choose from, it's like, if you have a list of hundreds, hundreds of things, as I said big small in between had this huge list, then you can look at that list every day and get excited about all the things that could happen in your life and all the things you can do and all the things you can have. And then the universe has got a whole smorgasbord to choose from. So that's the first thing you want to do to get that list. But then I say we'll find somebody who has created the success or attracted the thing that you want into your life. So let's say someone wants to create a successful business, find someone who's done that in the same niche as you, and learn what you can because again, it all comes down to the body side of it is taking action taking practical action. And so when you know, get really clear on your goals, and you know what you want, and then you find people that have already done it, and you kind of follow their lead, and it saves you time, it saves you energy, it saves you money because you don't end up making all the mistakes that they made. And it may be as simple as reading their book or listen to the podcast, or going onto their website, and you know, checking out their articles is it's so easy these days to learn from other people. It's just so, so easy. So find someone who's done it. And then once you learn from them, take action, like just knowing something is not going to change your life, you must take action and what comes back, as I said before, to aligning body, mind, and spirit. So you have to take that action, and people sometimes get really caught up in what action I should take. Is this the right action? Is it a wrong action? It's like, just take any action. Any action is a good action because it's either going to produce the result you want or not. And if it does, keep doing more. If it doesn't stop it, do something else. But just take action, because if you're not doing anything, you're going to kind of get stuck in the same place. And you know, for instance, one of the things that I did, I remember I had been $100,000 in debt on welfare. And my accountant had come to me and said, I would like to kind of go into partnership with you. I've got this course that I've just found out about, and I'd love to promote it to my clients, but I really don't want to have to talk to them, you know, can you do it? And at first, I was like, oh, I don't want to do that. It's kind of direct sales on so over that stuff. I don't want to get into it. But then I was like, hmm, you know, I'll give it a go. So I did, and we started to make some good money. And then one day, I woke up in the morning with the name wildly wealthy women in my head, and instead of sitting down thinking, what can I do with this? Will I create something? Why not create something when I make a course? Will I blah blah blah. I just went online and registered the domain name that was it. And then, three or four months later, we were both at a seminar together. We actually met in the US at a seminar in Arizona. And I said, what I've got a really great idea, I think that we should take the course that you know, had very practical information about creating wealth, I said, I think we should take their course and create a whole program around a called wildly wealthy women. And we will have live calls every week by webinar. We will get together three or four times a year and have wildly wealthy women's wicked weekends where you teach all the practical, and I'll teach all the mindset. And, you know, basically, just from coming up with an idea and taking action, registering the domain name, and then you know, telling her about it. And she said, Yeah, that's a great idea. Let's do it. And so without any business plan, without any idea what I was doing like never had a membership program, never held a seminar before, never done any of that basically created a website launched, it got a lot of PR around it. And within a matter of three or four months, it's something like 750 women join. This was a $3,000 program. So it was close to $2 million, made in a matter of months. And then, you know, a few months later, we had to have our first live event. And I was actually just talking to someone today saying the first live event basically booked the venue and had no one organized to do registration or anything like that. I just went there, set it all up. And then after the first few women had registered, I said, Oh, can you help me to stand on these tables and help me register everyone and, you know, 450 women turn up to this live event. And it's just about people get so bogged down in the details and thinking everything has to be perfect and think they have to have all their ducks in a row before they can take action. And like, believe me, I used to be like that nothing ever happened. So I decided that and this is what I teach people now everyone knows about ready aim, fire, they ready is kind of you get half prepared, aim, get everything all perfect. Get it all lined up, get everything just the way it needs to be. And in fire, get started. Well, I'm all about ready fire aim. So get ready, come up with the idea, get going, just make it happen. And then aim, tweak, improve, you know, do what you can to make it better. But you've just got to get started. Because particularly women tend to get stuck in procrastination and perfectionism. And then you know, don't ever write that book or don't ever create that program or don't ever launch their website or don't ever do the stuff that they could do that would make such a difference in their business, because they're so busy trying to make it perfect.

Ruth Gilbey  27:38

Yeah, we can just end up talking ourselves out of it can't be in using it as an excuse. Yeah, I used to be like that. I'm a lot better now. Do you have any final pieces of advice, but you know, all this, my listeners are mainly well, their women who are freelancers, or perhaps they're thinking about that next step, they're going to launch their business, or they're, they've got a career, and they're thinking about that jump to being a business owner if you've got any final pieces of advice for them,

Sandy Forster  28:06

I think so after you've written your list of how you want your life to be, and you found someone who you can kind of follow and get inspired by and learn from them, take action, and then be consistent. Like can some people kind of dip their toe into something. And when it doesn't work instantly, they're out of there. It's like if you're doing something that you really want to do, and you know, it's what you want to do, then be persistent, because the bottom line is if you're going to start a business, and I don't like to say this, but I need it to be truthful. Business can sometimes be brutal. It's like, you know, some weeks, you just want to cry to just like, understand that it's not all about instant wealth, and instant success and instant, everything that you see on social media, it can be a hard slog to start with. So if you're doing something that you truly love, though, the hard slog is worth it. But if you're doing something just to make money, and the hard slog is going to feel ten times harder, you're going to feel like you're stuck in quicksand. So make sure that you're doing something that you truly want to do. And you'll find that that will keep you going when things do get rough. When you know, when you're first starting out, you'll find that you'll keep going longer and harder, and you'll persist more simply because it's something that you love to do. And I know for me when I started out, I was a coach to start with, and I kind of came out of the gate, and things were sort of falling into place, and I was getting clients, and it was really great. But something happened. No, no, I couldn't remember exactly when it was either six months in or a year in, and suddenly I felt like, oh, I just felt like such a fraud. I felt like you know who was either me coaching people, what am I doing? I'm like, yeah, anyway, my brain was just wanting to overload, and I basically stopped coaching. I took a step back, and I thought I couldn't Do this. It's just not working. And so I stepped back, and I started doing things for free instead of charging people for it because I just felt like, you know, who am I basically, I felt like I was just a complete fraud and I shouldn't be coaching and but another, you know, three or four months passed, and I dive back in. And I'm so glad I did. Because if I had actually stopped when I first felt like, Oh, you know, I've made the wrong choice, I would never have gone on to create a successful coaching business transformed 1000s of people's lives all around the world never got on to write a book that became a bestseller and won the Body, Mind, Spirit Awards of the year was it last year, the year before last would never have gone on to launch the inspired spirit Coaching Academy and train 1000s of people to become coaches all around the world, who then transform other people's lives as I would never have created the success that I have if I had stopped at all together. If I had said coaching is not for me, I can't do this. I'm giving up. I'm not making any money. It's just a waste of time. But I just felt so drawn to it. And that I stepped back in, and everything changed. So you know, too many people give up too quickly. So just keep going. If you feel like it's what you should be doing, keep going. And you'll be surprised at how the universe rewards you.

Ruth Gilbey  31:16

I love your honesty that it was hard for you at one point, and you did step back, but then you went back to it. Because there is too much out there where people think it's an overnight success thing, or it's about getting rich quickly. It's not really about the end destination is it's about actually enjoying where you are now, and it makes the goals that you're moving towards worth it. It's been really wonderful talking to you, Sandy. Thank you so much. It's going to be such a helpful episode to so many of my listeners. Can you just let my listeners know? How can I find out more about you? And yeah, more? Just anything? And how can I find out more about you and your book?

Sandy Forster  31:55

Sure. So the easiest way probably to jump on my website But I've got a little money manifesting bundle of some affirmations and guided visualization, a few things just to really kind of shift you energetically into that place where you become more magnetic to money and get that at So that's probably the best place to get to me.

Ruth Gilbey  32:20

I'll get all the links in the show notes for everybody as well. Thank you.

Sandy Forster  32:23

and I just want to say hi. I'm so excited. I'm launching my own podcast. The wildly wealthy women podcast is launching actually next week, and it's all about money mindset and manifesting. So that's a great place to find out more.

Ruth Gilbey  32:41

I should certainly be subscribing to that one as well. Thank you so much, Sandy.

Sandy Forster  32:46

My pleasure. Thank you so much, Ruth.

Ruth Gilbey  32:49

Thanks for listening to the inspiring women in business podcast. I hope you found this episode helpful. If you did, I would love it if you would leave me a review. Also, I would love to connect with you on Instagram. That's where I hang out most of the time. I'm @Ruth_Gilbey. I'll put a link in the show notes for you as well come and connect with me. Tell me about your business. And also tell me what you'd like to hear next on the podcast. And lastly, go and check out the business building hub on my website. There you can find more amazing free resources to help you take the next step in your business. And you can also find out other ways that you can work with me. I'll see you soon.