The Online Business Blueprint

From crickets to clients and every step in between




When you started freelancing, you thought you’d be working:

  • With lovely clients you’d be excited to hear from
  • On projects that light you up, that you’d be proud to have your name on
  • Less hours than your 9-5 and (hopefully) making more money

But if you add up all the:

  • Hours you put in when you should have been sleeping
  • “Extras” you gave to ensure clients were happy
  • Prices you’ve slashed to get the job

You’re working for less than you used to make AND more hours.




The glamorous businesses that are selling out with one ad The “It” women that post about making six figures a month Frankly, anyone that’s making more money with less effort


They know the Online Business Blueprint

  • It’s not a secret.
  • It’s not terribly complicated.
  • And it’s not an exclusive club.

It’s for any entrepreneur that wants to turn their struggling business into a thriving one,


The Online Business Blueprint: From crickets to clients and every step in between



One of the best investments I have made for my business. A game changing programme filled with information, support and guidance that is top notch on all levels

Sarah Forde - Virtual Business Support

The Online Business Blueprint is the one source with everything you need to:

Establish your online business with strategies that allow it to grow

Market so efficiently you can flood your inbox with clients while still saving money

Master only the techniques you need so you don’t waste time (or brain space) on stuff that doesn’t work

Here’s how it works:

1. You do the best thing you’ve ever done for your business and sign up for

2. The Online Business Blueprint You get instant access to the wealth of resources that walk you through the process from choosing what you want your business to look like to how to market so well you’ll need a waitlist

3. Take the next year to create a business (and a life) you love!

The Online Business Blueprint includes:

8 modules with trainings to give you everything you need to boost your business

A supportive community so you’re not hustling alone

Regular Q&A sessions to give you the answers you need

Masterclasses with experts from every field of business so you’re always up-to-date

Accountability and virtual co-working sessions to keep your progress moving

Module 1 - The Power To Choose What Your Business Looks Like

How to build that KLT so your clients refuse to work with anyone else

7 steps to attract only those clients you love

3 questions you need to ask to make marketing SO. MUCH. EASIER.

How your value ladder can make you money without you lifting a finger

Module 2 - Storytelling: Your Brand And Your Message

Melanie Gow masterclass on storytelling that will make you a legend!

Why your brand is SO much more than pretty colors and a fancy logo. This is everything you need to feel confident about how you’re seen.

The 3 part formula to creating an irresistible offer

Need inspiration? You’ll hear 6 pitch-perfect pitches and even a fill-in-the-blank template fit for the movies

Module 3 - Your Online Storefront (Websites and SEO)

The website bible you can refer to as your business grows and expands

The checklist of everything you need (whew!)

When it comes to your website, you have questions: Which platform? What should go on it? What do I say? Headshots?! SEO?! No problem. Module 3 has your answers. 

Black Hat SEO practices so you know exactly what not to do

Module 4 -  Building Your Expert Reputation Through Content Marketing

The Big 5 content types that pull in dream clients

What’s better than being #1 on Google (and how to get there!

9 ways to keep the copy flowing - goodbye writer’s block!

How to attract 300% more traffic than a blog (without having to write a word)

Shooting a video without the “ummm”s and “errrrr”s you dread

Module 5 - Using Social Media To Get Seen (And Sell!)

Which social media channels are best for your business (good news - you don’t need to do them all!)

The psychological reasons you’re not making sales - and how to turn it around with one simple change

Stuck? Writer’s block? Ready-to-go prompts and ideas to get you writing

You’ve got to be seen if you want to sell. We’ll discuss all the pressure-free ways you can be seen that don’t feel pushy, slimy, or braggy.

Module 6 - Building Your Audience - Email Marketing And Lead Magnets

We’ll break down the fancy online jargon so you can sound (and feel) like a pro

The “make money in your sleep” process you’re going to LOVE!

Lead magnets, opt-ins, freebies - whatever you call them, we’re going to help you create one your clients can’t resist

We’ll examine irresistible landing pages so you know exactly what you want on yours

A walk-through of popular CRMs so you can set up yours stress-free. Aren’t sure what that is? We’ll cover that, too.

Module 7 - Sales, CRMs, Pricing and Money Mindset

Practical steps to get new leads (that don’t involve pushy tactics!)

The exact script you can use to close the sales conversation without feeling awkward or pressuring them. 

Pricing strategies you can use to you know you’re being paid what you’re worth

Polished policies to handle hagglers that leave you both feeling like you got a deal!

Module 8 - What’s Next? Your Business Blueprint

The 3Ps you need to run a business you love without the overwhelm you hate

Why you NEED to outsource - say goodbye to the parts of your business you hate (goodbye bookkeeping!!)

The 5 Minute Task will help you earn monday TODAY

The KPIs you need to watch to ensure your marketing is making a big impact

Meet the brains behind The Online Business Blueprint

Hello, brilliant entrepreneur. I’m Ruth Gilbey. And I used to struggle to run my business. I was too overwhelmed to build a site, too embarrassed to post online, and too run down with admin work to grow my business. Eventually, slowly, lots of mistakes later, I figured out how to create a thriving business that I’m incredibly proud of.

I mastered the art of running an online business, cracked the code on making more money in less hours, and perfected the creation of the business I wanted.

And I’ve put everything I learned into The Online Business Blueprint.

I’ve combined my 20 years of behind-the-scenes experience and my drive for work that lights me UP to map out each step in the blueprint that will take you from overwhelmed and struggling for clients, to business savvy and booked solid.

We’ll take time to focus on the most important part of your business - you. Building your confidence is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your business.

The Online Business Blueprint is the all-in-one source you need to transform your business - and you - in less time, with less stress.

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The Online Business Blueprint is for you if:

The Online Business Blueprint is for you if:
  • Your freelance gig has turned into an admin heavy job
  • You sign up for every free challenge and webinar and still aren’t quite sure what to do
  • You know you can make your business work if someone would Just. Show. You. How.

The Online Business Blueprint has:

  • Lessons, trainings, and tools to show you each step in the process to transforming your business into a money-making machine
  • The secret to running your business with confidence
  • Months of support. You might be a solopreneur, but you don’t have to do it alone!
  • Masterclasses from outstanding experts so you know you have the most powerful strategies at your disposal


The Online Business Blueprint has one more thing that sets it apart from every other program: It doesn’t just transform your business. It will transform you

Running your own business isn’t just business, it’s a deep-dive for your soul. And, if you’re being honest, when your business doesn’t work, you feel it: Embarrassed. Frustrated. Like you’re wearing a big sign that says “Failure”.

Transforming your business isn’t just new strategies and spreadsheets. It’s using your strengths, changing how you see yourself, and rethinking your whole life approach. 

The Online Business Blueprint will give you the confidence to run your business without constantly wondering if you’re about to fail. 

Don’t sign up for The Online ‘Business Blueprint unless you’re ready for a radical change in your business and your life. 

Good-bye wondering if you should go back to your 9-5, hello boundless confidence in yourself.


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I’m just starting my business. Is this going to be too advanced for me?

Not at all! The Online Business Blueprint is wonderful if you’re just starting out because you know you won’t be wasting time and you’ll be building a rock-solid foundation as you go.

Will I be able to tailor these strategies to my business?

Absolutely. In fact, you should! You’re getting a blueprint to lay out the way to business success. But your business is unique so bring your tailoring questions to the group and get expert feedback on how to make it work for you.

Are the sessions live or recorded?

In order to give you the best of both worlds, you’ll get both! The modules are pre-recorded to give you the flexibility to watch whenever you need (or replay to review the tricky bits). Every month, you’ll be able to attend a live masterclass on a specialized area of business. You’ll be able to interact with a new expert each month to give you the answers you need. Miss a class? No worries, the masterclasses will be recorded so you can catch up or relisten when you need to.

Will I be able to work at my own pace? Or are the lessons sent one a week?

You can work at your own pace! If you need more time - you’ve got it. If you already have a topic mastered, you can move on to the next.

How much time should I set aside for the lessons?r than wait until the end of the programme can I access those courses immediately?

Like all things that are worth working on, you’ll get out of your business what you put into it. I suggest setting aside an hour a day to watch each lesson and incorporate the ideas and skills you’ll master each week. Of course, some weeks may inspire you to work even more - which just means bigger results!

Can I access the bonuses straight away?

Yes! I should caution you that you want to make sure all the material in the 8 modules is in place (you don’t want to waste money or time!), but you can access all the material from day 1.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have access to the modules for one year. When you sign up, you’ll get 3 months of coaching and access to the membership program and bonuses that give you all the answers you need. Now, imagine what your business could look like in a year….

Is The Online Business Blueprint good for B2B or B2C?

The Online Business Blueprint is great for anyone that has an online business. The beauty is that, even if you’re running a B2B, it’s still just another person behind the screen, right? The techniques will work as long as you’re working with people.

You’ve mentioned that we’re going to focus on building confidence. I thought this was a business program. What’s that about?

I am so glad you asked. I have more than 20 years’ experience working in business and, at this point, I know a LOT about making an online business work. And one thing you can NOT succeed without is confidence in yourself. I’ve studied coaching specifically to help my clients build their confidence. I’ve seen businesses radically change and the only difference was the owner’s confidence. Imagine what you can do with more confidence and the best systems and strategies you can find. Sign up for The Online Business Blueprint - you’ll be unstoppable.

I’ve bought other online programs that didn’t help. How do I know The Online Business Blueprint is going to help?

I know signing up for an online program requires trust. Trust in me to put together a plan that’s really going to help and trust in yourself to make it happen. The Online Business Blueprint is based on my 20+ years of business experience and sharpened by feedback from previous members. The cost of the program is the same as a cup of tea a day. Add in the 14 day, money-back guarantee and the only question left, is how bad do you want to transform your business?

This time next year, you could be Googling “How to find more clients”. Or you could enjoy a family holiday you paid for all by yourself. The choice is yours.

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