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Shift your mindset AND your marketing so you can start doing work you love, for clients you enjoy working with.










I want in!

Did you take the big bold brave step to go self-employed so you could experience more freedom in your work-life? 

How’s that working out for you? 

Many of the freelancers I coach come to me because they’re disappointed with their lack of freedom. They worry about making enough money and they end up:

😣 Taking on work they’re not passionate about - they don’t have the freedom to choose the work they do.

😣 Saying ‘yes’ to anyone who’ll pay them - they don’t have the freedom to choose who they work with.

😣 Working long hours for an income that seemed frustratingly capped at less than they’d like - they couldn’t scale and escape the trap of trading time for money.

Until they joined my programme.

I love helping people to start doing work they love, for people they enjoy working with. AND earn a SCALABLE income while they do it.

Which is why I’ve created this totally FREE 5-Day challenge.

You’ll discover how, with the right online presence and regular marketing routine, you can attract your perfect people (so you don’t have to waste time and energy chasing after contracts, doing work you don’t love, or working with clients who aren’t a good match for you). 

We’re starting LIVE on 3rd February.


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Are you ready to create an easily repeatable system to make the right kind of clients come to you?

I want in!

5-Days To Transform Your Self-Employed Life

Throughout the challenge, you’ll receive a daily email reminding you to join me LIVE at Noon in my Facebook group. 

I’ll be in the group every day, eager to read your daily updates and celebrate your progress along with your fellow freedom-seekers. 

The challenge timetable looks like this:

Day One: Your Perfect People

Ditch your preconceptions about who you should be working with, who will want you and who can afford to pay you. Ok yes, I know, I know, you’ve been asked about your ‘ideal client before - but have you really done the work to understand them? And are you allowing yourself to choose who you work with? 

Day Two: Your 24/7 Online Sales Rep

Discover what’s possible when your website is used as an effective marketing channel for your business. And make a plan for improving/launching your website, so you can prioritise the changes that’ll have the biggest positive impact on your income.   

Day Three: Your Online Authority

Creating marketing content will help you establish trust and authority with your perfect people - but how do you find time to do it when you have ALL THE THINGS to do ALL THE TIME. I’ll show you how to create a simple, repeatable content creation routine for your business AND some tips on how to re-use and re-purpose to get maximum mileage from every piece of content you make.

Day Four: Your Inner Circle

When people love you enough to hand over their email address, they are ASKING for your time and attention - they are opting to be a part of your Inner Circle. I’ll show you why you need to prioritise list building and nurturing leads to convert them into paying clients, and what you need to do to keep that mailing list fresh and growing. 

Day Five: My Tried And Tested Digital Marketing Strategy - Make your perfect people come to you with this proven technique

In this bonus extended training, I’ll show you how to pull all the elements together to create a marketing strategy that gets you seen, trusted, and in-demand with your perfect people.

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Hi, I’m Ruth.

I'm a business coach and digital marketing mentor, with over 20 years of experience in sales, leadership, and marketing.

My passion is to encourage freelancers to think bigger, to see opportunities beyond the hourly rate trap and to build a profitable online business they love.

I’ve developed this 5-day challenge so I can help as many people as possible enjoy a 2020 filled with their perfect clients.

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Susan Truseler

Photographer and Digital Marketer

I've been amazed by Ruth's knowledge, boundless energy and kindness. For the first time in a long time, I feel excited about where I'm heading.

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Ella Orr

Much More Social

You are getting us to ask ourselves big questions - you’ve got the expertise to do that and you are asking everyone to be courageous - that’s huge.


Join the 5-day challenge

Shift your mindset AND your marketing so you can start doing work you love, for clients you enjoy working with.

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