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Online Business Collective

The rolling group coaching programme for passionate service-based business owners. All the training and support you need for *exactly where you are* in your business journey. 

Turn your passion into profits by building a business that brings you joy and financial success, without conforming to a one-size-fits-all approach.


Yes! I need this!

You’ve been running your business for a while now and you’re genuinely tired of...


👉 Buying expensive courses and programmes, but never seeing the big results they promise.

👉 Joining coaching programmes where the coach doesn't show up.

👉 Feeling like you’re trying “all the things” and still getting nowhere.

👉Feeling unmotivated by all the 6 and 7-figure gurus because you don't want to do it their way!

👉 Being stuck in react mode because your monthly income fluctuates so much.

👉 Having NO CLUE who to listen to because the online business industry is so noisy.

You’re a creative, passionate online business owner.

The kind that always has loads of ideas, but there never seems to be enough time in the day to get them out into the world.


And you're ready...

✔ Ready to help more people.

✔ Ready to make more money.

✔ Ready for more fun!

But at the same time, you don’t want to risk burning yourself out or losing the success you’ve worked so hard to create. 

And you 100% do NOT believe that the only way to succeed is by being willing to do things that don’t feel like YOU, just because they work for other people.


Inside the Online Business Collective, we look at smarter ways to make more money without working more hours.




🙌 The Online Business Collective isn’t a prescription to be methodically followed.

🙌 It’s not about achieving some arbitrary income goal.

🙌 Or following a step-by-step guide to someone else’s version of success.

🙌 I won't tell you to blow up your business or overwhelm you with an excessive to-do list. 

🙌  You decide what you want to do and I’ll support you to make it happen.



The Online Business Collective is broken down into a 3 -part Learn and Implement framework to help you succeed


STEP 1: 

Every 90-days, I host a live planning call to help you set your goals and priorities for the months ahead.

When you're busy running your business, it can feel like you're running on a treadmill going nowhere (rather than conquering that mountain you intended to climb).

When you complete the 90-day masterclass, you are allowing yourself to get off the treadmill and reset the clock. 

Then you can identify the resources that will help you reach your goals which I'm confident you;ll find inside the OBC. Remove the "shoulds" on focus on building the business you want. And implement whilst you learn and move towards your 90-day plan.

Goal-setting sessions run live every quarter and are also available to catch up at any time.



Awesome! You’ve put a stake in the ground and declared your goals for the next 90-days, so you’re already crystal clear on what you want to achieve. 

You might be wondering… okay now what? 

> Here’s where we’ll pour gas on it… 

You can choose a perfect fit from a large library of other resources and lessons. 

You’ll learn in a way that is easily digestible and equips you to take immediate action 


Implement what you've learnt into your business - with heaps of support, accountability check-ins, brainstorming sessions (with other like minded business owners), tech support (from my OBM) and coaching from me along the way.


Results-focused group coaching led by me - you'll tell me your problem, block, worry and then help you refocus on the outcome you want, and how you’re going to get there. Also a chance to brainstorm ideas with other talented business owners.

Monthly Voxer Office Hours

This gives us the opportunity to talk through whatever you are working on or working through in your business. They’re also a great alternative if making time for group coaching is a challenge.

Weekly accountability check-ins

Yes, I will be asking you to set your intentions for the week, but I will be proactively following up with you to ask how you’re getting on.

Weekly Tech support

If you're stuck on anything or need some help with the "behind the scenes" stuff, Nina my OBM is on hand to help with anything to do with:

✔ FB Ads

✔ Online Course Tech

✔ Systems and processes

What Coaching with Me Looks Like

You'll get a dynamic mix of coaching, mentoring, and strategy when you work with me, whether in one-on-one or group coaching. My approach is personalized to meet you where you are and tailor our sessions to your needs. I've got you covered whether you need help with business development, marketing strategies, or mindset shifts.

Action-Oriented Learning

I believe in the power of learning by doing. Women often feel like they need to keep learning before they can take action. Trust me—you already know enough! My job is to help you put that knowledge into practice, make adjustments as we go, and see real results quickly.

Idea Generation and Accountability

I’m here to spark and nurture your ideas. In individual and group settings, we’ll brainstorm, refine your concepts, and turn them into actionable plans. I’ll support and hold you accountable to ensure you stay on track and follow through.

Validation and Progress Indicators

I will show you how to give yourself the reassurance you need to take action. I will help you recognise the signs that show you’re on the right path and that your efforts are paying off. This will boost your confidence and keep you motivated.

Focused Guidance

During our sessions, I’ll listen to your challenges and goals. Together, we’ll clarify your objectives and create a focused plan to achieve them. This ensures you stay aligned with your vision and priorities.

Results-Focused Approach

My coaching is all about tangible results. I’ll help you refocus on what you truly want and outline the steps. This approach ensures our time together is productive and impactful.

I need this!


Access to the OBC Library

When you join the Online Business Collective, you also get access to my entire library of courses, masterclasses, and templates so you can equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need for the next stage of your business. 

There are 12 sections that cover nearly every topic of online business (and more are added all the time). 

→ But remember... 

The Library isn’t a 12-course meal. It’s a buffet for you to choose what you need, when you need it.  


 I'm Ruth Gilbey


I’ve helped 100s of women transform their business from time-consuming disappointments into thriving and rewarding sources of satisfaction.

I had a vision of how I wanted to run my online business. I now have more fun and make more impact making more money in fewer hours.

I love trying things out in my business, learning new things so I can help my clients choose the business they want to run.

I’ve combined my 20 years of behind-the-scenes experience and my drive for work that lights me UP to map out each step in the blueprint that will take you from overwhelmed and struggling for clients, to business savvy and booked solid.



The Online Business Collective is about you setting and reaching the goals that are right for YOU right now in YOUR business


What could you do over the next 90 days with support from the Online Business Collective?

Let's get you started!

 ✔ Build a solid foundation to grow or scale.

✔ Make more sales.

✔ Grow your audience

✔ Create your offer ecosystem.

✔Start a podcast

✔ Launch a blog

✔ Launch a digital product

✔ Start a client-attracting newsletter

✔ Create a high-converting lead magnet 

✔ Launch a new offer

✔ Put your prices up

✔ Run Facebook Ads.

✔ Create a tripwire

✔ Create an evergreen sales system.

✔ Do one thing well and feel good about it


Together we can make what you write in your 90-day plan happen...

"The Online Business Collective is my go-to place to share the highs and lows of running a business. Since being a member, my business, without a doubt, has grown in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible before joining. The combined expertise of all the members means there’s always someone to help talk your ideas through. If you’re stuck there’s a supportive shoulder to lean on when things get tough. I’d be lost without my Online Business Collective ladies."


The OBC has helped me focus on growing my business. Before I joined I was focusing 100% of my clients and not investing time or energy in growing and developing my business. Ruth has given me the confidence to talk about my business more openly on social media and given me ideas for income streams. I really value time to apply new ways of doing things in my business. The Facebook group is very valuable especially the Friday wins section, which as I work on my own, helps me start the weekend on a high. No matter how bad a week I have had, things have always been achieved and progressed.


Before joining the OBC I was plodding along on my own, without direction and focus for my business. I knew I needed more self-belief. I also needed someone to turn to when I had questions, problems, or needed a second opinion. After joining the OBC I no longer feel alone. I’m now part of a great support team of fellow business owners. Ruth is a brilliant motivator and gives amazing advice. I have more belief in my abilities and what I can achieve. I’m much more clear on my goals and I now have the information, resources and support to get there.


The Online Business Collective is for you if:

✔ You are enjoying consistent income in your business and are eager to make more

✔ You want to realise the full potential of your business without working more hours

✔ You want expert guidance, support and reassurance so you can set and achieve

your business goals while maintaining your business’ current success

Yes! I need this!

Join my Online Business Collective or work with me 1-2-1 before 27th June and get these 3 bonuses:

> July Double Your Income Sprint - a daily task throughout July designed to boost your sales and double your income


> The Sales Accelerator Club (usually £9 per month) - your sales sidekick with all the templates and actions you need to make more sales!


> The Revenue Generator Toolkit (usually £48) - the client-finding, pipeline-filling, lead-generating toolkit


💥 A Special Offer that helps you MAKE money! 💥









Ready To Get Started?




  • Focus on what you can achieve in 90-day sprints. Ramp up your business and make more money 90-days (or sooner!) at a time.
  • Instant access to the complete library of courses, projects, templates, resources and projects.
  • Monthly Q&A drop-in results-focused coaching sessions
  • Monthly Voxer Office Hours
  • 90-day planning cycle - get started immediately by watching the recording of the most recent sessions.
  • Monthly success path check-ins - you choose what goal or project from the OBC to focus on with personalised feedback from me!
  • Monthly Voxer office hours (free voice messaging app)
  •  Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Eyes on your marketing content and feedback.
  • Weekly tech and Facebook Ad support
  • Instant access to the Online Business Collective Facebook group. This isn’t an ordinary noisy Facebook group where the participants have been left to get on with it. I am active in the Facebook group every weekday, here to give you support, facilitate brainstorming, and to help you work through your questions.




Everything you get inside the OBC monthly plus:

  • Weekly online coaching support via Voxer or Facebook Messenger. Think of me as the coach in your pocket!
  • Weekly “eyes on your business and marketing content” every week via email and Voxer/Facebook Messenger
  • A 1-hour one-on-one coaching and strategy session with me via Zoom where we build out your strategy for the next 3 months.
  • 3 months of access to The Online Business Collective
  • 3 months of access to  The Sales Accelerator Club
  • The Revenue Generator - to keep for the life of my business
  • 3-month payment plan available



Including 1-2-1 Coaching - prices go up to £3400 on 10th july

  • 6 x one-on-one coaching and strategy s essions with me via Zoom

  • Weekly online coaching support via Voxer or Facebook Messenger
  • AND “eyes on your business and marketing content” every week via email and Voxer/Facebook Messenger
  • 12 months of access to The Online Business Collective
  • 12 months of access to The Sales Accelerator Club

  •  Payment plans available

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