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to get your next client. No email list? No problem!

to get your next client. 

No email list? No problem!

Need a new client quickly, but no idea how to make that happen?

Don’t want to waste hours doing Facebook Lives and social media updates in the hope that someone (anyone!) will see them, fall in love, and want to work with you.

Stop waiting for them to come to you!

Follow my simple, yet effective guide to quickly find your next paying gig.

Hi, I’m Ruth

I specialise in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with.

I’m tired of seeing freelancers and business owners working far too hard to find their next paying client by - 

  • Giving away their expertise for free as they build their email list (not helpful if you’re in a hurry to find paid work)
  • Being visible on social media, posting multiple times a day (not at all sustainable and usually not enjoyable either)
  • Offering limited-time deals (that compromise their long-term pricing strategy).

Yes, those things CAN work - but there is a better, easier way.

Leave your email address in the box below and I’ll show you how.

Get Your Next Client In Under 24 Hours

Even if you don't have an email list yet.

Meet Ella, Sarah and Annette


I wanted to say how great your new client guide is Ruth! I've been reading through it today and really loving the tips about the CRM and the follow up emails.... This is all stuff I need to work on so will be putting this into practice!

Naomie Ella - Occupational Therapist , Holistic Life Coach & Wellbeing Expert

Since following Ruth's advice I have 2 more clients and I am turning down work - choosing to work with people I know I will love working with rather than chasing the next contract.  My revenue has increased and I now have a marketing and sales strategy that I can use to keep those leads coming in.

Sarah Forde

I woke up to an email from this client and got the gig!  Lesson learnt about changing my mindset about what services I offer and how to follow up leads.

Annette Henry - Ah! Marketing

Get Your Next Client In Under 24 Hours

Even if you don’t have an email list yet


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