Takes you from terrified and directionless to excited and confident about growing your own business


  • You're sick of wondering where your next client is coming from so, you say yes to anyone offering work, even when the little voice in your head screams “RUN”
  • You're so overwhelmed by all the marketing options you don't end up doing any marketing!
  • You'd rather clean the whole house than write that blog post or do that Facebook live
  • You worry that people will think you don't know what you're doing or are a complete idiot (or that people will judge you as being full of yourself)
  • You keep chickening out when you go to send a quote, so you lower the price, then feel annoyed with yourself for doing so


  • Attract clients like a moth to a flame and increase your income without hustling and burning out
  • Work with BFF level clients you love, that love you back
  • Have so many enquiries in your mailbox you have to turn people away
  • Be doing your best work for YOUR business and not just your clients
  • Create amazing content that sets you apart from your competition
  • Be head over heels in love with your business 💕


8 steps to more confidence, more clients and more cash!


⭐️  The Digital Marketing Success Programme is an 8 module programme to redesign and market your business so you can make more money, in less time, doing work you love, for people you enjoy serving.

⭐️  The programme shows you how to harness the power of digital marketing so you can make your ideal clients come to you, set the prices that truly reflect your value, and only say 'yes' to clients and work that makes your heart sing.

⭐️  You will reach a point where you feel confident turning DOWN clients, contracts and work that don't light your fire!

⭐️  To be able to do that you need a plentiful pipeline stocked with all the right people.

⭐️  And the way we fill that pipeline is with a simple, repeatable digital marketing routine.


The Digital Marketing Success Programme is currently available by invitation only, click here to apply and request your invite



The Power To Choose What Your Business Looks Like

You're not here to design the business you think you SHOULD be running. This programme helps you design and market the business you WANT to run.

In this module you're going to get clear what business you're passionate about as this is the key to your success.

Communicating Your Personality

Before they’re ready to work with you, your ideal clients need to know, like and trust you.

In this module you work on your story so far, and your personal brand, so you can connect with your ideal customer. You'll get clear new compelling offers (that people will actually buy) fully implemented and ready to launch on your website.

Your Online Storefront

Help your perfect people find you online  and make it easy to connect with you. 

You start planning your website (no matter what platform you choose), and take a look at the SEO best practices you need to be implementing to draw visitors to your online home. You'll be ready to add fresh copy on your website that speaks to your target clients.

Building Your Expert Reputation

Give your audience a taste of what it’s like to work with you by creating free content about your area of expertise.

In this module we look at content marketing, why it’s so important to build connections and stand out online. Decide whether podcasting, blogging, or video marketing is right for you, and get you started with your chosen strategy.

Using Social Media To Get Seen (And To Sell)

Following up form the marketing system you starting to build you're adding social media into the mix.

We look at which platforms you should be focussing on, and how to use them effectively to get in front of the right people (without feeling like you need to be glued to your phone screen 24/7). 

From Stranger To Super Hot Lead

Handing over an email address is often the first step towards making a sale.

In this module we look at how to use lead magnets to attract the attention of potential clients and how to convert them using email marketing. To grow your business you need to grow your audience so by the end of this module you will have your very own lead generation plan.

Sealing The Deal. Sales and Money Mindset

It takes sales skills to convert those leads into income.

You'll explore your sales processes and how you can use them to track and nurture your leads. Most importantly, we’ll get you comfortable with selling and setting your prices. This module we’re jumping to the root cause of your pricing problems - your money mindset.

What’s Next? Your Business Blueprint

In this module we discuss what your future holds - niching down, scaling up, and possible business models you might want to consider. You’ll wrap up the programme with a business blueprint for the future and a repeatable marketing system and business startegy  to use right now ready for scaling.

Once you have mastered the core tools in the Digital Marketing Success Programme modules it's time to scale your business


Luckily you can access the Scale Your Success Programme when you join the Digital Success Academy (membership for graduates) where you get continued support and training.

This is the second part of the programme which you will be invited to join and includes the following courses on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Beyond The Boost Button:

Facebook Ads can help you build and convert your online audience - or they can be a huge money-sucking waste of time. It totally depends on how you’re using them. Get started the right way with this 7 module introduction to using Facebook Ads to promote your business and learn how to generate leads every day without overwhelm and spending a fortune.

Getting Seen At The Right Time:

The perfect time to put your solution in front of your ideal clients is when they are researching their problem. In this course, Google Ads expert Rebecca Perkins, shows us how to use Google Ads and the powerful reporting inside Google Analytics so you can make the most of the opportunities search traffic offers.



  • A trained coach and successful marketing mentor for a fraction of the cost
  • A team of virtual colleagues and an amazing supportive community who will encourage and support you - all in the Digital Success Facebook group
  • Video lessons
  • Accountability sessions
  • Q & A sessions
  • Guest expert training sessions and Masterclasses
  • Workbooks and templates - including a Website Planner workbook, a testimonial questionnaire and Canva templates for your lead magnet



(payment plans available)


I’m newly self-employed (or haven’t left my job yet) - is this the right time for me to join the programme?

Congratulations! You’ve spotted the freelancer trap before falling into it. So many of the people I work with have wasted months, even years, undercharging and/or doing work they don’t love - because they see limitations on themselves that aren’t really there. Being employed conditioned them into thinking about work and money in a particular way, and they’ve carried those unhelpful beliefs into their new career. You have the perfect opportunity to launch your new business, with true freedom - freedom to charge what you’re worth, freedom to choose the contracts you accept, freedom to do work you love, and freedom to choose who you say ‘yes’ to.

I’ve been self-employed for a while now - can you still help me, or is this more for beginners?

Yes! It’s never too late to upgrade your mindset and start thinking like a business owner. If you are trapped trading time for money doing work you don’t love, for people you don’t enjoy working with, I can help. And we can make the transition as quickly or gently as you like. No need to ditch all your paying customers in Module One. You can slowly replace your existing contracts with idea clients throughout the course and beyond.

I’m busy with my existing work load. How much time do I need to dedicate to this each week?

Let me ask you a question first. If you want things to change, if you want to earn more money, in less time, doing more satisfying work, how are you going to make that transition if you don’t invest time in yourself and your business?

Whether you choose this programme or not, if you want things to change,  at some point you will need to make time to work on upgrading your marketing and building the business of your dreams.

Past members tell me it takes 2-4 hours each week to get the most out of this programme but I offer extended support and access to the programme so you can flex the hours to suit you.  I do however suggest committing to at least 2 hours a week to work on the programme. Past members also tell me that it was a financial and time invest worth making, as after just 2 months they have the freedom to set their prices and choose who they work with.

This is about getting you results as quickly as possible. I have students regularly going back to the course all the time to update their strategy. This isn’t something you learn and forget this will be part of how you run your business forever.

How much support do you provide?

You get access to a supportive and engaged Facebook group. And I'm in there everyday answering questions and supporting you. 

You also get regular Facebook Live Q and A's where you can submit questions live or catch up on recordings. 

There are also regular group co-working sessions via Zoom - if you want to take action and stop procrastinating make sure you join these!

I want to learn about paid social and Google Ads straight away rather than wait until the end of the programme can I access those courses immediately?

No problem!  If you're ready to get going with ads sooner we can unlock the Scale courses. Remember ads aren't a silver bullet though, so we advise that you have your website and sales funnel in place before you start running ads. 

The investment is making me nervous

Think about what it would cost your business if you didn’t take action and make those changes you know you need to make? Those who do the work and follow and implement what I reach have seen growth in a matter of weeks. This is about investing in you!



Ruth's course isn’t just about learning it’s about discovering what makes you tick professionally and realising that you can pursue anything that you want. If you are going to do one course on digital marketing choose this one. Ruth is an inspirational powerhouse whose approach to learning is second to none. She uses her expert connections to add depth to her modules and her attention to detail proves that she knows her stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

Annette Henry

If you're looking to take action and make decisions about your business and life, then Ruth's course will help you make it happen….I've been amazed by Ruth's knowledge, boundless energy and kindness. For the first time in a long time, I feel excited about where I'm heading.

Susan Truseler

It’s a blend of marketing strategy, business coaching, peer support and learning how to implement business growth. I have finished my three months training with a business plan, big, new, achievable goals, fresh ideas, exciting new skills, strategies to grow my business, confidence to choose who I work for, the belief I can build a successful business that I will love and be passionate about, and new friendships with women in a similar position to me.

Sarah Forde


The Digital Marketing Success Programme is currently available by invitation only, click here to apply and request your invite


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