Work out what you REALLY should be charging! 


Use this clever workbook calculator and NEVER undercharge again!


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I coach a lot of women around pricing and money mindset.  I believe you cannot show up as the best version of you without doing this logical work around what you should charge. I’ve heard stories of women having to go back into full-time work because they’ve undervalued themselves, and ended up giving up on their dream business.

If you don’t set our prices right, you can end up not just devaluing yourself, but also others in the same sector. 

Using this calculator workbook, you can set your financial goals and boost your confidence to charge with confidence!

Fed up of not being clear on what you really should be earning?  

Use this calculator to make logical decisions about what you should charge. This helps remove the emotion by looking at the data and understanding your numbers!

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Hi, I'm Ruth!


I specialise in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with.

I’m tired of seeing freelancers and business owners working far too hard to find their next paying client by - 

  • Giving away their expertise for free as they build their email list (not helpful if you’re in a hurry to find paid work)
  • Being visible on social media, posting multiple times a day (not at all sustainable and usually not enjoyable either)
  • Offering limited-time deals (that compromise their long-term pricing strategy).

Yes, those things CAN work - but I want to show you there is a better, easier way.


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