Digital Marketing Success Programme 

An easy, repeatable system to make your perfect people come to you.
Get paid well, to do the work you love, for clients you’re excited to help.
Sounds good? But improbable?
Maybe even impossible?
Because right now you’re stuck in a cycle of taking whatever contracts come your way (even if they don’t light you up), and undercharging because you’re worried when the next opportunity will come along.
You need more than tools - you need a mindset upgrade, a solid marketing strategy and easy-to-implement actions you can take right now.

The Spring 2020 Digital Marketing Success Programme is now in session


And as the masterclasses have started, the doors are now CLOSED.

The next round of the Digital Marketing Success Programme will be later this year (date to be announced!)

Give me your best email address in the box below so I can let you know as soon as the next round of the Digital Marketing Success Programme is open.

12-weeks to Digital Marketing Success 

The Digital Marketing Success Programme is a 12-week group programme to redesign and market your business so you can make more money, in less time, doing work you love, for people you enjoy serving.

The programme shows you how to harness the power of digital marketing so you can make your ideal clients come to you, set prices that truly reflect your value, and only say ‘yes’ to clients and work that makes your heart sing.

My goal is to get you to a point where you feel confident turning DOWN clients, contracts and work that don’t match your vision for your business.

To be able to do that you need a plentiful pipeline stocked with all the right people.

And the way we fill that pipeline is with a simple, repeatable digital marketing routine.


Each week you'll get:

  • At least one training session delivered by me (sometimes live, sometimes recorded).
  • At least one exercise for you to complete straight away - you’re making a huge transformation but we’re making it in tiny steps.
  • Live group coaching session - led by me, you’ll be joined by your fellow programme members, to discuss that week’s topic, ask questions, and share wisdom.
  • Plus access to the Digital Success Programme Facebook group for students and graduates - where you can post your questions, seek support, celebrate wins, and benefit from the uplifting effect that comes from surrounding yourself with other motivated business owners.

And throughout the 12-weeks you’ll also have access to:

  • Guest expert training sessions from Melanie Gow, Lynsay Gould, Faye Morgan and Clare Stansfield.
  • How-to tutorials, and training on essential tools and platforms including Wordpress, Kajabi, Google My Business, Canva, Facebook ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Advertising and many more.
  • Print/download and keep workbooks and templates, including a Website Planner workbook, a testimonial questionnaire you can copy and use with your clients, and Canva templates for your lead magnet.
You’ll need to allow around 6-8 hours a week for the training, coaching and exercises.

"If you're looking to take action and make decisions about your business and life, then Ruth's course will help you make it happen….I've been amazed by Ruth's knowledge, boundless energy and kindness. For the first time in a long time, I feel excited about where I'm heading."

Susan Truseler

Susan Truseler

Module 1 - Getting Started:

An introduction to group coaching, how the programme works, and how you can get the most of it. Plus we start dreaming big and setting future goals.

Module 2 - The Power To Choose What Your Business Looks Like:

We’re not here to design the business you think you SHOULD be running, or the business it makes sense to build, or the business everyone tells you to set-up. This programme helps you design and market the business you WANT to run. We start by imagining your best case scenario, finding your ideal clients and making plans for what the future might look like. 

Module 3 -  Communicating Your Personality:

Before they’re ready to work with you, your ideal clients need to know, like and trust you. This week we look at your story so far, your personal brand and your elevator pitch, so you can quickly and clearly communicate who you are and what you do. And we get expert help from Melanie Gow, in a bonus Storytelling Masterclass.

Module 4 - Your Online Storefront:

Help your perfect people find you online with a search-engine optimised website that showcases your services, and makes it easy for your ideal clients to connect with you. This week we start planning your website (no matter what platform you choose to be based on), and take a look at the SEO best practices you need to be implementing to draw visitors to your online home. This week is packed with small, but manageable tutorials on tools Wordpress, Kajabi and Google My Business, plus essential lessons on SEO.

Module 5 - Building Your Expert Reputation:

Give your audience a taste of what it’s like to work with you by creating free content about your area of expertise. This week we look at content marketing, why it’s so important, and how to build it into your simple and repeatable marketing system. I’ll help you decide whether podcasting, blogging, or video marketing is right for you, and get you started with your chosen strategy. Plus we’ve got a masterclass from podcasting expert, Lyndsay Gould.

Module 6 -  Using Social Media To Get Seen (And To Sell): 

Remember that marketing system we started building last week? Now we’re adding social media into the mix. We look at which platforms you should be focussing on, and how to use them effectively to get in front of the right people (without feeling like you need to be glued to your phone screen 24/7). Includes tutorials on chatbots, Instagram, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads. 

Module 7 - Beyond The Boost Button: 

Facebook Ads can help you build and convert your online audience - or they can be a huge money-sucking waste of time. It totally depends on how you’re using them. Get started the right way with this introduction to using Facebook Ads to promote your business, plus a Facebook Ads masterclass with guest expert Faye Morgan.

Module 8 - Getting Seen At The Right Time:

The perfect time to put your solution in front of your ideal clients is when they are researching their problem. This week we look at how to use Google Ads and the powerful reporting inside Google Analytics so you can make the most of the opportunities search traffic offers. These lessons were created by Google Ads expert Rebecca Perkins.

Module 9 - From Stranger To Super Hot Lead:

Handing over an email address is often the first step towards making a sale. In module nine we look at how to use lead magnets to attract the attention of potential clients, how to convert them using email marketing, and the role of GDPR when it comes to your subscriber list. 

Module 10 - Sealing The Deal:

Attracting the right people isn’t going to be enough. It takes sales skills to convert those leads into income. This week we’ll explore Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) and how you can use them to track and nurture your leads. Most importantly, we’ll use this week to get you comfortable with selling (even if you don’t think that’s possible), with a bonus guest expert masterclass from Clare Stansfield. 

Module 11 - The Real Reason Setting Prices Feels So Awkward:

There’s a whole lot more to setting your prices than multiplying your rate by time (FYI that is NOT how you should be setting your prices). This week we’re jumping to the root cause of your pricing problems - your money mindset. From there we’ll create a pricing strategy so giving a quote, or upping your prices is no longer a toe-curling moment of horror. Instead, you can feel confident you’re being fairly rewarded for the value and expertise you deliver.

Module 12 - What’s Next? Your Business Blueprint:

You may have spent the last 12 weeks upgrading from an odd-job freelancer to a fully-booked business owner, but we’ve only just begun. This week we discuss what your future holds - niching down, scaling up, and possible business models you might want to consider. You’ll wrap up the programme with a business blueprint for the future and a repeatable marketing system to use right now.   


"It’s a blend of marketing strategy, business coaching, peer support and learning how to implement business growth. I have finished my three months training with a business plan, big, new, achievable goals, fresh ideas, exciting new skills, strategies to grow my business, confidence to choose who I work for, the belief I can build a successful business that I will love and be passionate about, and new friendships with women in a similar position to me." 

Sarah Forde

Sarah Forde
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