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Hate Selling? 8 Quick Fixes To Help You Nail The Sale



Warning: side-effects include enjoying the sales process



Give it to me!

Being totally at ease with selling is the dream. When you've warmed your customers up so much they're yelling - ‘please take my money’ - it doesn’t even feel like selling.

"I hate selling" or "I don't want to be too salesy" is something I hear a lot, and it's something you need to get over. Harsh but true. You know that you need to sell your product and services so you must overcome your fears around selling and find a way that is aligned with your values.

Because if you don’t sell, you literally don’t have a business - you have a hobby.

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Here are the 8 steps to get you focussed on revenue-generating activities without sleazy selling tactics.

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Hi, I'm Ruth!


I specialise in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with.

I’m tired of seeing freelancers and business owners working far too hard to find their next paying client by - 

  • Giving away their expertise for free as they build their email list (not helpful if you’re in a hurry to find paid work)
  • Being visible on social media, posting multiple times a day (not at all sustainable and usually not enjoyable either)
  • Offering limited-time deals (that compromise their long-term pricing strategy).

Yes, those things CAN work - but I want to show you there is a better, easier way.


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Ella Orr

"Woohoo! Just picked up another client!"

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Annette Henry 

"I woke up to an email from this client and got the gig!"

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Sarah Forde

"I have two more clients and I am turning down work!"

Hate Selling? 8 Quick Fixes To Help You Nail The Sale. 

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